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Review: The Little Mermaid (Paramount Theatre)

Kari Yancy stars as Ariel in The Little Mermaid, Paramount Theatre           

The Little Mermaid

By Doug Wright (book), Alan Menken (music), 
  Howard Ashman and Glenn Slater (lyrics)
at Paramount Theatre, Aurora (map)
thru Jan 8 Jan 15  tix: $44-$59  |  more info
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Review: The Hammer Trinity (The House Theatre of Chicago)

Krystal Worrell and John Henry Roberts in "The Excelsior King", part three of House Theatre's "The Hammer Trinity" by Nathan Allen and Chris Mathews, directed by Nathan Allen.  (photo credit: Michael Brosilow)        
The Hammer Trinity

Written by Nathan Allen and Chris Mathews
Directed by Nathan Allen
at Chopin Theatre, 1543 W. Division (map)
thru May 3  |  tickets: $30; $65   |  more info
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Review: The Jungle (Oracle Theatre)

Travis Delgado stars as Jurgis in Oracle Theatre's "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair, adapted and directed by Matt Foss. (photo credit: Jason Fassl)        
The Jungle

Adapted and Directed by Matt Foss 
From novel by Upton Sinclair
Music by Nicholas Tonozzi  
at Oracle Theatre, 3809 N. Broadway (map)
thru Sept 6   |  tickets: FREE   |  more info 
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Review: Compulsion (Next Theatre)

Jenny Avery and Mick Weber in Next Theatre's "Compulsion" by Rinne Groff, directed by Devon de Mayo. (photo credit: Michael Brosilow)        

Written by Rinne Groff
Directed by Devon de Mayo
Noyes Cultural Arts Center, Evanston (map)
thru Nov 17  |  tickets: $30-$40   |  more info
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Review: The Feast: an intimate Tempest (Chicago Shakespeare and Redmoon Theater)

Samuel Taylor as Ariel in Chicago Shakespeare and Redmoon Theatre's "The Feast: an intimate Tempest" adapted by Jessica Thebus. (photo credit: Liz Lauren)       
The Feast: an intimate Tempest

Adapted by Jessica Thebus  
Directed by Jessica Thebus and Frank Maugeri
Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Navy Pier (map)
thru March 11  |  tickets: $35-$45   |  more info
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REVIEW: Hard Headed Heart (Blair Thomas and Co.)

Sad puppet love, high art



Blair Thomas & Co. presents
Hard Headed Heart
Created by Blair Thomas
Victory Gardens, Richard Christiansen Theater
2433 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago (map)
Through Aug. 21  | 
Tickets: $25  |  more info

Reviewed by Leah A. Zeldes

We long ago learned that puppets aren’t just for kids. In founding Redmoon Theater 20 years ago, puppeteer Blair Thomas taught Chicago that lesson with giant puppets, keen artistry and contemporary work. Now, in his intimate, one-man show Hard Headed Heart, currently at Victory Gardens’ Richard Christiansen Theater, Thomas deftly schools us in historic puppetry arts while focusing on darkly romantic adult themes.

blair_thomas_credit Saverio Truglia Don’t look for Redmoonlike spectacle, Disneyesque whimsy or Muppety cute — instead, in three lyrical, loosely connected vignettes, Thomas showcases a variety of smaller format, centuries-old puppetry forms: wooden-headed hand puppets; jointed, rod marionettes; scrolling cantastoria; shadow puppets and rod puppets — all with an edge of grotesquerie. In a break with some of the traditions, Thomas, clad in a dusty black suit like a 19th-century undertaker, remains fully visible throughout, sometimes as puppeteer, sometimes as a live actor, creating an amalgam between puppetry and performance art. We’re always aware of the man — Thomas never effaces himself into a hidden operator behind the scenes.

Each of the three segments of the 75-minute show, first produced last year, has its own creative puppet set. Hard Headed Heart begins with Thomas’s lively, amusing rendition of "The Puppet Show of Don Cristobal" by Spanish writer Federico Garcia Lorca, a lightly bawdy hand-puppet show about the courtship of the folkloric Spanish scalawag and bully Cristobal and his dubious lady love, Rosita.

At its outset, we’re treated to Thomas, in sad-faced clown makeup, playing the pompous director and the fanciful poet-author, whipping around a rotating costume as he converses with himself. Next comes a Punch and Judy-like act, with classically stylized puppets and a traditionally violent and silly love story. Thomas switches between manipulating the hand puppets, playing several musical instruments and performing in his director role in a frenetic, almost breathless one-man-band performance.

For the second act, Thomas riffs on the traditional New Orleans jazz funeral standard "St. James Infirmary." In this slow-moving piece, Thomas alternates between singing (with a vocal wail reminiscent of Cab Calloway in the 1933 Betty Boop cartoon "Snow-White"), operating rod marionettes in front of a motorized paper-scroll backdrop and playing ukelele, toy piano, drums, cymbals and what looks like a mellophone or BlairThomas-St James Infirmary_1_credit Kipling Swehla baritone bugle. With the mournful-visaged marionettes, designed by Jesse Mooney-Bullock to evoke antique specimens, Thomas re-enacts the funereal love affair of the song to chillingly dramatic effect, with some particularly effective puppet dance moves that I’m sure are much harder to achieve than he makes them look.

Finally, Thomas presents Wallace Stevens’ poem "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" in a shadow puppet show performed against a set of four backlit, rolling arts scrolls. To the music of Ben Johnston‘s String Quartet #4, Thomas dances below his moving paper images, cranking the rolls and using cut-outs, rod puppets and his hands to convey Stevens’ cryptic poetry.

This won’t be a show for everyone — those impatient with poetry or unsympathetic to largely plotless mood pieces about love gone wrong may not feel that its artistry overcomes those elements. Hard Headed Heart is for those who enjoy sad songs and art for art’s sake.

Rating: ★★★½

Note: Hard Headed Heart is suitable for ages 16 and up. Produced without an intermission, the show has open seating.


Part of Thomas’s performance of "St. James Infirmary" at the 2010 "Cranks and Banners" Festival.


Cab Calloway sings "St. James Infirmary" in Betty Boop’s "Snow-White."

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