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Scotty Zacher, founder/editor of Chicago Theater Beat I like to think of the Chicago Theater Beat as a "bulletin board" for the Chicago live theater scene – including reviews, news, video clips, theater website links, and even theater gossip.  I am committed to getting as much original content and participation from other theater enthusiasts as possible, with the overall goal of prodding more people, including tourists, to experience the wonderful world of Chicago theater.  As you can no doubt tell, live theater is a HUGE passion of mine, ever since my days of music-directing many a musical at Northwestern University. My second aim for this site is to acquire enough contributors – all of whom are pictured below – for this site, so as to cover every multiple-performance play that opens in Chicago. (which I feel has mostly been achieved) So if you have theater news that you feel is post-worthy (such as show extensions, personnel changes, cast replacements, upcoming shows and seasons, etc.), please send an e-mail my way.

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Scotty Zacher (founder, editor)


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= poor

★½ = mediocre, lacking

★★ = okay, so-so

★★½ = slightly recommended, you might like it

★★★ = good, recommended

★★★½ = highly recommended save for a few caveats

★★★★ = outstanding, highly recommended


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